Advisory Board

Mr. Orkin was introduced to the program in 2014.  After visiting the facility and learning more about how SAM – Foundation plans to help all youths from all backgrounds through academics and sports, he happily & immediately became involved with his time, talent and serves as an advisor to the SAM- Foundation organization.

After playing professional baseball and inducted into the Hall of Fame, John now is helping SAM – Foundation reach that next level.  John has served for an adviser for over two years now.  Being a former athlete, we have many things in common.  Young athletes should not overuse their bodies but focus more on being a student first and an athlete second.

Ramesh is the Owner & CEO of GKM Associates LLC and has 25+ years in Corporate America with expertise in Business Turn-Around, Sales, Marketing, Biz Dev, and Strategic Planning.  Ramesh has received Master of Engineering from Cornell University; Doctorate in Management from Syracuse University; and Advanced Management from Harvard Business School. I have received four patents.  Ramesh has been amazing with his vast knowledge, helping with the vision for 2+ years and serves as my financial advisor.

Jay has been a true friend and advised the program since 2016.  With his vast knowledge of business and his contacts, he is helping the program get set up for many partnerships with former and current athletes.

James has been a very instrumental part of the organization.  James has a vast knowledge of banking and assist the program by connecting us with some helpful donors.  He has a first-hand experience with our organization by signing his three children up for many of our programs.

Greg Hillman and Samuel go back as far as 1992 in Juarez, Mexico.  While winning three championships together in Mexico Championship league, they not only became teammate but life long friends.  Greg passion on and off the court helped mode Samuel into the man he is today.  “Greg taught me to not settle for less and strive for the best in life. Even today, I seek his advice because he will give it to me straight.”

Patricia has been an adviser of the program since 2010.  Patricia serves the program with her vast experience with North Fulton Foundation.  She will be leading our meetings in finding ways of partnering with local businesses who believe in giving back to youth programs: education and health.

Long time friend since college and Dacula resident has long realized that dream, though perhaps not quite the way he originally envisioned it.  But with Sean’s 10th season as an NBA referee looming this fall, Sean has no complaints.  Summer presents a more important opportunity for Sean – namely, the chance to give back by offering instruction to young aspiring men and women looking to break into basketball officiating.

Long time friend Michael Beasley (Actor/Director/Producer) is with Xtremely Well Productions. Michael is a former athlete turned actor.  With his son just being drafted in 2016, he knows first hand what it takes for an athlete to commit to reach his goals.  I knew I wanted Michael apart of my program as I watched him groom his son.